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Top Facebook Applications

Facebook Toolbar 

Facebook Toolbar has a search box, notification, an icon that can be used to check the pictures your friends and status.

Simple Photo Uploader

Simple Photo Uploader is a desktop application for Facebook which helps you to upload photos and tag photos.


Facepad is firefox add-ons which allow you to download and events Facebook friends’ album.

Advanced Wall

Advanced Wall helps to post messages, pictures, drawings, graffiti, video, flash, change the text size and color, along with many other things simple by using a WYSIWYG editor.

Facebook Mobile

With Facebook Mobile you can upload photos and notes from a phone camera directly to Facebook.


ScrapBoy is a desktop application for Facebook application that can be used to do almost everything to do with Facebook. With features such as writing a wall post, view photos or Facebook chat, see the ‘wall’ some of my friends, photo albums and the chat window at the same time and others.


Graffiti is a Facebook-based applications that can be used to draw on the walls of your friends.

Task Master

Task Master allows you to manage your tasks on Facebook more efficiently.

Friends Organizer

Friends Organizer is a nifty application which is used to sort contact list into groups, such as schoolfriends, work friends, friends of social media, etc..

Last.Fm Music

Last.Fm Music is a music application. You can share your music with friends, can listen to their songs, and put the box of the artist and album photo in your profile.