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The Executive Program in Digital Marketing (EPDM) is a 12-week experiential learning program that is uniquely practical and relevant,  designed to drive powerful insights that participants can apply immediately to become better digital marketers and accelerate their careers. This weekend digital marketing program also enables participants to build and lead winning teams, solve real-world challenges, explore new opportunities, win client confidence and grow business. How do we do it? We follow a framework that enables you to apply the best practices and strategies used by the top digital agencies.

Learn from the experts.

IMRI® is the first Experiential learning center for digital marketing & analytics that is tailored to your specific needs.

1-to-1 personal coaching.

Your 1-to-1 personal coaching can help with practical and workable solutions to your on-the-job problems.

No Theory. No Batch.

It's a kind of a new learning. No batches, No boring presentations, and No theories. Start learning by doing.


Our learning framework builds a strong foundation to help you kickstart a successful digital marketing career.

Become an expert digital marketer in 12 weeks or less!

12 Week - Every Saturday - 3 hours Or, 1-Week Accelerated Course
Offline: Indiranagar, Bengaluru Online: Instructor-led - Skype
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UI/UX Design
Learn how to build simple to complex e-commerce websites using Wordpress based on the best-practices of UI/UX design strategies.
Create and edit stunning videos using free video editing tools and optimize the video to rank in the video distribution websites.
From keyword research to optimizing an E-commerce portal, you will learn how to prepare and implement SEO plan that guarantee results.
Mobile is everything. Learn how to optimize and rank mobile applications and increase downloads using app strategies.
Implement advanced paid marketing strategies and effectively manage bids, optimize cost, increase conversions and ROI.
Learn how to set up the email lists, design email templates, multivariate tests, segment subscribers and generate reports.
Social Media
Craft creative social media strategy using industry's best tools and practices. Boost social engagement, audience growth & traffic.
Web Analytics
Implement an effective Web analytics strategy to analyze website usability, conversions and ROI using actionable insights.


Our mentor has put in 18+ years of experience and crafted a beautiful weekend program that transforms you into an expert in 12 weeks or less.

Jumpstart your career in digital marketing with hands-on learning today!

Lifetime support.

Kickstart your career in digital marketing and analytics with project management, portfolio, lifetime support, and a 1-to-1 personal coach.

Job assistance.

We assist with placements. We make sure that your portfolio speaks for your experience and helps you in landing the job you desire!

Live portfolio.

Learn the art of building your brand online with video resume, case studies, and publications. Remember, ultimately, results matter.


We're happy to give you a quick start.


Download and send us the filled-in application form.

Your Profile

Email us your updated cv along with a cover letter.

Initial Fee

Book your slot with 10K towards the first instalment.


Your training starts 1 week from the date of payment.

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    We've got you covered

    What is IMRI® EPDM?

    The Executive Program in Digital Marketing (EPDM is a 12-week experiential learning program that is uniquely practical and relevant, designed to drive powerful insights that participants can apply immediately to become better digital marketers and accelerate their careers. This weekend digital marketing program also enables participants to build and lead winning teams, solve real-world challenges, explore new opportunities, win client confidence and grow business.

    What are the course modules in EPDM program?

    There are 8 modules. You start from building a website, optimizing on search engines, marketing on free/paid channels to generating results that matter.

    How do I know this is right for me?

    If you are looking for a practical and hands-on training program, then you have come to a right place.

    Startups: You can save loads of money, time, and effort as the program takes care from ideation to creation to promotion to generating ROI.

    Job Seekers: There is simply no alternative course that provides depth to your learning that you can demonstrate and compete even experienced professionals during job interviews.

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    What are the steps involved in kickstarting Digital Marketing program?

    We have a limit to student intake. Hence, you need to book your slot 15-20 days in advance.

    Below are the steps to follow:

    • Email your resume to with the subject: Interested in IMRI® Experiential program
    • Download & fill the application form
    • Make payment by cheque, bank transfer or PayPal
    • We will confirm the course start date

    When is the next batch?

    We don't believe in traditional learning methods – either a classroom batch or an online webinar.

    We offer 1-to-1 personal coaching through interactive sessions using Skype/TeamViewer, or in-person class if you are from Bengaluru.

    You can start the program in 1-2 weeks. Slots are limited. Book early!

    How many participants in a batch?

    Unless you want to bring your buddies along and learn together, it is usually a 1-to-1 coaching.

    Is this pre-recorded online course or a webinar?

    We agree the terms 'online course', 'online training', 'virtual classroom', 'webinar' may be confusing.

    Our's neither a pre-recorded video program nor a webinar that is designed for the 1-to-many audience.

    We believe in 1-to-1 mentoring.

    What are the minimum qualifications required?

    Job Seekers: Having a minimum graduation in any discipline helps in getting jobs as it is an unwritten rule in the corporate world.

    Entrepreneurs: We have trained students who had left high school and directly got into the online business after completing the program as every part of the training is hands-on, practical and experienced based.

    Simple answer – educational qualifications are not a hurdle to master digital marketing. However, you need to have the following unquenching thirsts:

    • Hard Work
    • Hard Work
    • Hard Work
    • Deep Passion/Critical & Lateral Thinking/Proactiveness

    How this course different from various online/offline programs?

    It is a completely new kind of learning.

    One of the major difference is that while most programs designed for 1-to-many communication, we focus on 1-to-1.

    While several programs boast itself of providing practical or hands-on training, it is almost impractical, if not impossible, to provide hands-on experience in the 1-to-many setting.

    Do you offer Google Adwords, Analytics, and Bing AdCenter certifications?

    Of course, we provide every possible help and support to make you a master in digital marketing.

    However, you don't need a training centre per se. Most of these online certifications are free.

    What are you waiting? Take the test right away!

    How long is the course and what are the timings?

    • 12-week Part-time course, 3 hours on every Saturday at our office in Indiranagar – Bangalore. Limited Seats Apply
    • Instructor-led online course – 3-hour session per week

    How flexible are the course timings/schedule?

    We are flexible with the timings and schedule and accommodate individuals needs.

    In case you are stuck or some busy with personal things, you can come back and start from where you had left.

    No missed sessions! No worries!

    What is the fee for the EPDM Course?

    We are offering at INR 90000/- plus taxes for a limited time. Please note the fee may subject to change without prior notice. Book your slot in advance!

    What happens If I don’t understand?

    Don't despair!

    We will work with you as long as it takes to build that natural understanding and as long as your passion/commitment lasts.

    Though our program has tech components, there are no prerequisites. We start from scratch. We have trained students who barely know how to use the computer but landed up in MNC jobs with 6 figure salary.

    What happens If I can’t commit the recommended timeline for the assignments?

    Without the completed tasks and assignments, this program falls apart.

    • If time is the issue, then we recommend doing it in small chunks.
    • If focus needs to be somewhere, then we advise you to finish and then come back.
    • If too technical to grasp, then we work with you closely and in a paced manner to gain a thorough understanding.

    We don't give up no matter what. We work with you every step of the way. So, you shouldn't give up either.

    Do you follow the course based on topic-wise?

    No, we don't follow 'chapter' approach. It is given only for reference.

    Our method is ad-hoc. We randomize tasks per module and also randomize different modules. It means you may do 3-4 course modules at any given point.

    Since we bring in lots of experience from digital agencies and product companies, we know 'real' work isn't organized.

    We give priority to the tasks at hand and move to the next task based on its completion.

    Will I get a certificate in digital marketing?

    Yes. You will receive an IMRI certificate that outlines the topics you have studied and certify that you have completed the course.

    What are the placement opportunities?

    Your portfolio speaks for your experience and skillsets. We work with you on making your resume impressive to handle interviews effortlessly. With a good portfolio and real results, cracking an interview is a cakewalk.

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