Advanced DFIR Training Program

Computer Hacking and
Forensics Investigator

In today’s interconnected world, computer hacking poses a significant threat to individuals, organizations, and society at large. This course delves into the dynamic field of computer hacking and digital forensics, equipping students with the knowledge and skills to both defend against cyberattacks and investigate digital incidents. Participants will explore the tactics, techniques, and tools employed by hackers, and then transition into the world of digital forensics, where they will learn to analyze and recover digital evidence in a legal and ethical manner.

The Training Program

Our training pedagogy combines hands-on practical experience with expert-led instruction, ensuring a dynamic and immersive learning environment that equips you with the skills needed to excel in the world of digital forensics.

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Choose us for our unwavering commitment to excellence, industry-recognized instructors, and a track record of producing top-notch digital forensics professionals who thrive in both cybersecurity and investigative roles.

Forensics Consulting?

Our digital forensics consulting services offer a tailored approach to investigative challenges, leveraging cutting-edge techniques and technology to uncover critical digital evidence and support your legal and cybersecurity efforts.


Our learning framework builds a strong foundation to help you kickstart a successful digital forensics career.

Become a digital forensics investigator!

Cyber Threats
Gain insight into the evolving landscape of cyber threats, including malware, social engineering, and network attacks.
Forensic Tools
Understand the legal and ethical considerations involved in digital forensics, including the admissibility of digital evidence in court.
Ethical Hacking
Learn the fundamentals of ethical hacking, penetration testing, and vulnerability assessment techniques.
Hands-On Practice
Engage in hands-on labs and practical exercises, simulating real-world hacking scenarios and forensic investigations.
Digital Forensics
Acquire the foundational principles and methodologies of digital forensics, ensuring a strong understanding of evidence handling, preservation, and chain of custody.
Cloud Forensics
Navigate the complexities of cloud forensics, ensuring data security and integrity in cloud environments.
Incident Response
Develop the skills to effectively respond to cyber incidents, including identifying and mitigating threats.
Report Writing
Develop the ability to produce comprehensive forensic reports suitable for legal proceedings.


Computer Hacking and Digital Forensics Program that transforms you into an expert cyber security consultant!

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Course Introduction

The course begins with an introduction to the field of digital forensics, setting the stage for the comprehensive learning journey ahead.

Computer Forensics Investigation Process

Learn the crucial steps involved in processing crime and incident scenes, ensuring the preservation of digital evidence.

  • Processing Crime and Incident Scenes
  • Understanding the Digital Forensics Profession and Investigations
  • Computer Forensics Investigation Process Part 1
  • Computer Forensics Investigation Process Part 2

Hard Disks & File Systems

Understanding the intricacies of hard disks and various file systems, is essential for digital forensic analysis.

  • Recovering Graphics Files
  • Linux and Macintosh File Systems
  • Working with Windows and CLI Systems
  • Hard Disks and File Systems

Data Acquisition

Develop expertise in data acquisition methods, ensuring the secure retrieval of digital evidence.

  • Digital Forensics Analysis and Validation
  • Current Digital Forensics Tools
  • Forensics Lab

Anti-Forensics Techniques

Understand the tactics employed by malicious actors to evade forensic detection.

Operating System Forensics

Explore the world of operating system forensics, examining digital artefacts left by user activities.

Network Forensics

Learn how to investigate network-based incidents, tracing digital footprints across the web.
Virtual Machine Forensics, Live Acquisitions, and Network Forensics

Web Attack Investigation

Investigate web-based attacks and security breaches, identifying vulnerabilities and intrusions.

Database Forensics

Master the art of database forensics, uncovering evidence within data repositories.

Forensics with the Cloud

Explore the challenges and techniques involved in digital forensics within cloud environments.


Understand the world of malware, including detection, analysis, and mitigation strategies.

Email Investigation

Learn to conduct in-depth email investigations, uncovering digital evidence within messages.


Master mobile device forensics, extracting critical evidence from smartphones and tablets.

Forensic Reporting

Learn the art of creating comprehensive forensic reports, effectively communicating findings.

Ethics for the Expert Witness
Expert Testimony in Digital Investigations
Report Writing for High-Tech Investigations