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New SEO Tools and SEMToolBar for Firefox
By webmaster – Posted on June 10th, 2009

Bruce Clay, Inc yesterday announced the release of new free SEM Toolbar for firefox and a a brand new SEO tool called the SEO/Domain Report Tool. Through the SEM Toolbar you'll get meaningful statistics right in your browser. SEO/Domain Report Tool will allow you to check Yahoo, Live and Google to see how many pages of a domain are indexed in each engine. SEMToolBar for Firefox Nine out of ten search marketers use Mozilla firefox as their Web browser. After you download the SEMToolbar, the biggest difference you'll notice is on a Google search results page. Under each SERP result you can see a number of statistics listed. For each result you get the PageRank, the number of inbound links, the number of pages indexed from the domain, and more.

For a detailed list of the statistics provided by the SEMToolBar and what they all mean, visit Right on the page, you can see statistics about the keyword, such as daily activity, the cost per click, monthly trending and demographics. If you open any site in your browser, at the far left of the toolbar you can see the SEOToolSet icon. The word "SEOToolSet" is a drop down menu that allows SEOToolSet subscribers to log in to the tools and access the KDA, Check Server Tool and PathMaps.

There are also a couple other functions located here, like collapsing certain data fields, toggling features on and off, adjusting settings and getting support. This is also where you'd go to validate the HTML right from the page you're viewing. Here it's worth noting that none of the functions of the SEMToolBar require a subscription to the SEOToolSet. To the right of that you can see a little American flag. This is how you can set a proxy. View the page as though you were in another part of the U.S. or half way around the globe. We'll continue to add more proxy servers. The SEMToolBar is also available in more than 20 languages and the list will expand soon. Moving along you'll notice a number of data fields, like PageRank, site count, inbound links, cached date, and so on.

If you click on the "Get Stats" button on the far right of the toolbar, the fields will populate and you'll know when the domain was started and how many inbound links the page has in no time. Further to the right of the statistics you can view the cached page, cached text and Whois info by selecting each respective button. Explained with all those words, it seems like the SEMToolBar gives you a ton of information. the SEMToolBar was to cut the fat out of cumbersome SEO tools and make the most essential data available at your fingertips. You can Download the SEMToolBar for Firefox or IE from SEO/Domain Report Tool This new tool gives you one place where you can find out how many pages a domain has indexed in the big three search engines. The tool allows you to compare up to five domains at a time. Both of these tools will be very useful to search marketers.