IMRI® Certificate Program In Video Marketing (iCPVM) Course

Learn IMRI®’ scientific approach to Video distribution and marketing including video filming, video scripting, writing killer content for videos, optimizing video, distributing video across channels, video social bookmarking, google video sitemaps, youtube homepage promoted videos, increasing sales through video and affiliate marketing using video.

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Ideal for: Graduates – any stream
Duration: 1 Month (Weekly 2 days)
Schedule: One-on-One, Flexible Mode

Learn the Art & Science of Video Marketing

Video Marketing is both an art and science in effectively use the tools and techniques of marketing mix of creating a video using screen capture, windows movie maker, optimizing videos for search engines, customer engagement using video, affiliate links on youtube videos, keyword research for video, video seminars, run online webinars, advanced video viewer reporting and analytics, increasing website traffic through video marketing. Now with proven, time-tested and hands-on Video Marketing course from IMRI experts, you can enhance your core skill sets and competencies in video marketing, podcasting and video blogging.


Experience Learning, by Doing

IMRI® Experiential Learning on mobile marketing course teaches the complexities of Video distribution and marketing in an interactive and practical approach with hands-on job experience.

Video Marketing Course 1 – Getting started with Video Marketing

Video Marketing Course 2 – Video Filming – Lighting, Camera and Audio

Video Marketing Course 3 – Video scripting

Video Marketing Course 4 – Video creation using Camtasia/CamStudio

Video Marketing Course 5 – Video editing using Windows Movie Maker

Video Marketing Course 6 – Video Integration Blogs, Websites and Social profiles

Video Marketing Course 7 – Video Distribution and Marketing

Video Marketing Course 8 – Video Search engine optimization (SEO)

Video Marketing Course 9 – Video Marketing using YouTube

Video Marketing Course 10 – Video Marketing using Facebook

Video Marketing Course 11 – Video Marketing using MetaCafe

Video Marketing Course 12 – Video Marketing Reporting and Analytics

Video Marketing Course 13 – Video Marketing Resources