Today, most of the companies are asking to the SEO person to do more other works like writing the tilte tag, editing copy, or writing a press release. But a technically-minded person may not be the best person to do these jobs. But we can never handle the SEO effort with out that technical guy. A copywritter may not be able to tell us how to set up our servers. But most of the companies are asking to do just that. What makes a successful technical SEO isn't always the same talent as what makes someone successful at PR, copywriting, and marketing strategies. Many companies now demands SEO person to be an expert in IT, marketing, copywriting, and PR and influence changes from the current way of doing things. When PR or marketer or copywriter being asked to be the SEO person,unless you use an agency to tell you what to do, you get minimal results because SEO is its own discipline, and the person assigned to SEO doesn't get it, it's a small percentage of their job, they cannot influence IT and, as a result, SEO sits on the back burner. So, some companies are trying to make the SEO into a PR person and others are trying to make the PR person into an SEO. you should have a mix of folks to adequately staff for SEO:

* Marketing-minded On-Page Person: This person will have an excellent communication skill and will find out your business and objectives. They will do the keyword research and competitive analysis to draft a content and marketing strategy.They will help you to write the revised content for yiur website.
* Technically-minded SEO Person:This person knows all of the technical pitfalls of a Web site. They will help you to make a SEO friendly website. They're very comfortable with code, but may have communication issues.
* Social Media/Link Building Person: This person will do the link generation and drive traffic to your website. They have built up an extensive network of "friends" and are able to parlay this into solid promotion of blogs and/or other promotions for your company.
* Project Manager: He is the key person to control all the jobs. Solid project management should be done to get all the jobs done in time and achieve thedesired results.