Market Research and Industry Awareness are IMRI®’s forte. We are passionate about the dynamic industry we’re in and to keep up with it’s pace we encourage our faculty and students to be involved in research projects. We have the tools and technology to mine and track the right data into statistics that help analyze the progress of your online endeavors.


The Sponsorship of an IMRI® event is among the most effective methods of reaching your desired audience. As an event sponsor, you’ll benefit from the vast marketing power of the IMRI® brand, as well as our targeted direct, fax, email marketing campaigns and our conference web sites. From finding the perfect event to creating a memorable onsite experience, Our marketing consultants will work with you to develop a package tailored to meet your specific goals.


You do the sponsoring. We do the research.
We take up research projects for companies and individuals. Please feel free to contact us if research is of interest to you.