IMRI is an ethically sound Institute that creates value in its work by instilling in its students the importance of making significant contributions to society. The objective of IMRI’s corporate philanthropy is that its student’s contribute, to the realization of a richer society by using the education they have received from IMRI as responsible corporate citizens, for the welfare of the people and the advancement of society as a whole.


“If higher education is expensive, then vocational education is hard to find”. IMRI has tied up with. The Great Life Foundation, an NGO based in Bangalore as an extension of its social welfare activities, imparting specialized Internet and Mobile Education to the rural children. This has led to bridging the digital divide between the Rural and Urban students in Bangalore.  The introduction of such programs puts them at par with their urban counter parts and gives them the confidence to compete with each other.


IMRI is committed to improving the employability of rural students with advanced concepts in Internet and Mobile education. IMRI has also taken up the initiative of generating jobs for rural children who have either completed their 10 +2 or are school drop outs as part of its self-employment scheme. This gives them hope and a bright future as they see themselves budding into digital marketing entrepreneurs’, generating a steady income right from where they are.