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IMRI® is the only place to turn your business concerns into business profits. Ranked as India’s premier Institute for Online Digital Marketing,the aim of the Institute is to provide its students with a World class Industry oriented Training in order to develop top quality Search Engine Professionals.

With Centres across India.

Networked through a reputed faculty with over ten years of experience, the focus of the Institute is not only on research but on’learning by doing‘. The students are given personalized attention on a ‘one is to one basis‘ and are offered with placement assistance after they successfully complete a corporate internship, which is so vital to give them that cutting edge in their profession. IMRI® has centres in major cities.

IMRI® is revolutionizing Marketing. Learn from the Experts!

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There are more than 1 Lakh jobs in digital media field.


Talent Scarcity

Lack of Qualified Candidates

Theoretical Training

The Offline-Online Gap


Build a training platform along with a vibrant community to help people get better job prospects.

For employers, IMRI® provides a single point destination to source well-trained and experienced candidates.