Google is going to stop the Adsense for Video program by the end og this April. The decision was because the program was not effectively generating income for Google. AdSense for Video allows AdSense publishers and YouTube users to embed YouTube video with AdSense units on their blogs and websites. It will not affect other video-related ad options, specifically video ads in AdSense units for those who opted to have image ads in their AdSense account settings. Google will continue to accept applications from publishers who produce video contents to have AdSense for video units on their contents. the option for non-video owners to embed videos on their sites with AdSense units from their AdSense account will be discontinued. This will put Video Ads in the right perspective. Google is asking those who have embedded YouTube videos with AdSense units on their websites to remove the units as soon as possible and to make use of the spaces for other advertising schemes instead. All their earnings from the AdSense for Video Units will still be credited to their AdSense earnings account. website owners will not be able to earn from the video units on their websites if they fail to remove it before May. The ad units will direct users to instead of the link provided by the AdSense units. So if you have AdSense for Video units running on your site, remove it now unless you will waste some precious advertising spaces.