IMRI® Certificate Program in Web Copywriting (iCPWC) Training Program

Learn IMRI®’ scientific approach to Web Copywriting including briefing process, effective writing, breaking the writer’s block, creative ideas generation methods and different types of media.; plus get certified in Web Copywriting for better career and business prospects!

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Ideal for: Graduates – any stream
Duration: 4 days
Schedule: One-on-One, Flexible Mode

Learn the Art & Science of Web Copywriting

Copywriting is both an art and science in influencing the reader with latest copywriting tips, tactics and persuasion techniques.. Greater the website visibility, higher the brand credibility. Now with proven, time-tested and hands-on Copywriting Training from IMRI experts, you can enhance your core skill sets and competencies.

Experience Web Copywriting Learning, by Doing

IMRI® Experiential Learning on Web Copywriting course teaches the complexities of Web Copywriting in an interactive and practical approach with hands-on job experience.

Web Copywriting Training: Getting started with Copywriting

  • Overview of web copywriting
  • Idea generation techniques
  • Brand positioning
  • Creating and understanding a brief

Web Copywriting Training: Fundamentals

  • Types of ads
  • Types of campaigns
  • Different media channels
  • Agency structure
  • Role and responsibilities of a copywriter

Web Copywriting Training: In Depth

  • Writing for the online media
  • Writing for the search engines
  • Writing for the article websites
  • Writing press releases
  • Writing blog posts
  • Writing for social media
  • Writing for squidoo lens and hub pages
  • Writing for the newsletter