Google is the major search engine, but it is not suitable for all types of search. The search engines are a database of information and how the information is pulled from the source is up to the individual companies. Google has given us tools to rank the listings for ourselves for our personal results pages. Twitter's rapid growth and pervasive presence has opened a new information source. "Real-time search," "social search," or whatever you want to call it offers an alternative. There are no databases in Twitter.They share what we know and that accumulated knowledge tops the search engine databases. There will soon be a noticeble drop in the volume of search for the top three search engines. Social media is having an impact and Twitter seems to be leading the way. When you search to quick find the needed information you may now get some of that from the global village of social media. On Twitter, there are so many links to new current information. Mahalo Answers is an example with its questions and answers. It seems to be the natural order of things. When search engines first started, people would make two-word searches, then three and four, and then more. We've become more educated searchers. Using Twitter as a source for finding information seems a natural progression. In Twitter, there is a facility to pull information to users on an alert basis. That is it will alert you when someone is discussing any topic you want to follow. Add alerts for local emergencies and other important local-specific information that you couldn't think of in advance, and you have a situation where search is sitting there delivering your future needs.Twitter is becoming the major player in the world of search engines. There is one problem in searching Twitter. It will return the search results sorted only by date. Google and other blog search also offer sort by relevance. Until Twitter has a larger sample of users to choose from, it will be hard for them to provide another way of sorting search returns. Twitter can also be used for marketing purposes, which has a great potential. Get as amny as followers as possible. It will help you to become a power user that may be considered if Twitter begins to try to group/associate users to specific subjects. Twitter's adoption rate will continue to grow, but in order for them to become a valuable search tool on their own, they'll have to augment their capabilities and really build a trustable algorithm. The best way to search Twitter is through something paid like Radian6.