IMRI® Certificate Program in Adobe Analytics (Omniture SiteCatalyst) (iCPAA) Training Program

Learn IMRI®’ scientific approach to Adobe Analytics / Omniture SiteCatalyst Certification including mobile analytics, segmenting visitors, website activity, monitor campaigns, VISTA tools, javascript plugins, advanced segment insights (ASI), adobe report builder, data sources, multi-variate testing, report suites, advanced segmentation, data integration, social media analytics, twitter social measurement, and video analytics.; plus get certified in Adobe Analytics / Omniture SiteCatalyst Certification for better career and business prospects!

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Ideal for: Graduates – any stream
Duration: 15 Days
Schedule: One-on-One, Flexible Mode

Learn the Art & Science of Adobe Analytics Certification

Adobe SiteCatalyst is both an art and science in identifing the most profitable paths through their Web site, determine where visitors are navigating away from their site, and identify critical success metrics for online marketing campaigns.. Greater the website visibility, higher the brand credibility. Now with proven, time-tested and hands-on Adobe Analytics / Omniture SiteCatalyst Training from IMRI experts, you can enhance your core skill sets and competencies.

Experience Adobe Analytics Learning, by Doing

IMRI® Experiential Learning on Adobe Analytics Certification course teaches the complexities of Adobe Analytics / Omniture SiteCatalyst Certification in an interactive and practical approach with hands-on job experience. We use industry based reports, videos, project sheets etc. However, there will no live SiteCatalyst tool access.

Target Audience: Learn Adobe Analytics / SiteCatalyst to create, customize, analyze and distribute reports to optimize Web site.

What you will Learn: We cover the topics in this Adobe SiteCatalyst User Training such as: Fundamentals of Adobe SiteCatalyst, Key Business Requirements (KBRs), Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Traffic, Conversion and Path reports, Breaking down and Segmenting Reports, Calculated Metrics, Dashboards, Targets and Calendar Events, Saving and Sharing Reports.


  • How Adobe Analytics / SiteCatalyst collects data
  • Adobe SiteCatalyst metrics
  • General interface knowledge
  • Toolbar functionality
  • Report settings, including the Search function
  • Calendar and dates
  • Report views, including Ranked, Trended, and Improved
  • SiteCatalyst Help


  • Site traffic
  • Finding Methods
  • Visitor profile
  • GeoSegmentation
  • Technology
  • Segmentation
  • Custom Insight reports


  • ClickMap
  • Pages reports
  • Entries and exits
  • Complete paths
  • Advanced analysis


  • Metric reports (Purchases, Shopping Cart, Custom Events)
  • Products and Customer Loyalty
  • Campaigns
  • Sales Cycle
  • Finding Methods
  • Visitor Profile
  • Technology
  • Site Path
  • Custom Evar reports


  • Alerts
  • Bookmarks
  • Dashboards
  • Scheduling Bookmarks and Dashboards
  • Sharing Bookmarks and Dashboards
  • Editing and managing Bookmarks and Dashboards
  • DirectAccess


  • Calculated metrics
  • Calendar events
  • Correlations
  • Subrelations (conversion breakdowns)
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