Your domain name is the very first place on your website. Place your important keyword in your domain name to improve the site's visibility and rankings on the search engines. Here are some important things to consider while registering your domain name.

1. Find and register Top Level Domains (TLDs) only: Register with most popular extensions like .com, .net, .edu, .org. Country specific domain extensions may be filtered out by regional sensitive indexes. TLDs gets more credibility than .biz, .us, or other secondary extensions.
2. Choose a domain name containing your most important keyword: One of the factor major search engines consider while ranking the website is URL, so include your important keyword in your domain name. It will also help you to get more value in your link popularity campaign.
3. Mention your TOP most keywords first: In you domain name use your important keywords first and then the secondary keywords.
4. Keep your domains length short and sweet: Try to avoid very long name of your website. It is advisable to not keep your domain name more than 67 character long and include only 2/3 keyword.
5. Use hyphens (-) to separate words: Most of the search engines read hyphen as space. So use hyphens to separate words.
6. Register sensible domain name: Find out a domain name that is sensible and expressive.
7. If require add supporting words in your domain: Include a less important or secondary word in the domain name to get a unique domain name that is available. For example: online, top, pro, find etc…