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Getting too many SEO Projects or too busy to work on your own SEO Project? Don't worry, I will show you 4 smart steps to outsource your SEO Project for better ROI.

Step 1: Do a Basic Research and understand the project scope, target audience, and keywords. Get answers to below topics:
1. The market demand for your products and services.
2. Potential keywords / key phrases used by target audience
3. Shortlist the most relevant and popular keywords for the campaigns

Step 2: Get statistical data of your keywords using any free keyword tool. I recommend using Google Adwords Keyword Tool (

Step 3: Now that the basics are covered. You can start hunting for a qualified SEO professional. It's time to look into SEO Market place – try any of these:
Most of the marketplace are free for employers Step 4: Last but not least step is the tracking and measuring the ROI of the SEO Campaign. While Google Analytics gives you a complete picture of where your website stands in terms of Traffic, Content, Keywords.. you can also use additional tools like WebCEO, WebPosition, etc.