How does Google Plus One impact SEO?

Social interaction is a big thing ang Google is working hard to replace the Facebook. Google Plus one is the new powerful tool that will soon allow Google users to share websites and content the same as Facebook users now do with the Like button.

At first, this tool is going to be used for approving search results – a great way for Google to continue tweaking their rankings when you are searching for anything in google then you will find one blue button with +1 sign on it but for that button you have to sign in with your Google account.When you find any relevant website in your search result then you can click that button and that particular link will automatically add to your google profile. Then u easily can share the details about the website and its information.

The immediate impact of SEO is increasing CTR rates. Google can easily place the Google Plus One tool through CTR. Google will likely collate this indirect data via the channels above and this will undoubtedly influence a web pages' ranking. In the same manner as Facebook Likes, Twitter ReTweets and Flickr.

Google plus one is the new relativity link. It is nice one. Though it does not help in increasing rank but it helps in creating trust and popularity vote.